Need of IT Consulting Services

The constant integration of business and manufacturing processes is a difficult task that can be facilitated through IT consulting services. However, if these services do not adequately address the problems of alignment between IT and business, efficiency in integration can be seriously compromised. In this context, IT consulting services can be considered as a complement to facilitate the implementation of BPM solutions and initiatives. These are professional services that the top IT managers incorporate into their IT service-provider centres. The essential motivation is the need to seek advice to evaluate and develop different technological strategies and, consequently, to align them with business in a specific organisational context. This evaluation is a difficult process because the sophisticated levels of integration of IT with business in BPM solutions require highly specialised advice in order to conceive strategic, architectural, or implementation plans as the possible outputs of these services .

The alignment of IT with business, and vice versa, at all levels of abstraction in the organisation is assumed to be the core of the problem for the design of effective IT consulting services capable of facilitating the incorporation of value-generating IT into an organisation . Research in IT consulting from positions related to IT/business alignment is complicated by the gaps between practice and research in IT consulting, which are generally nuanced by academic positions and practices in global consulting firms. The need to offer relevant practical solutions that take full advantage of the accumulated utilitarian knowledge in this area of IT requires a new paradigm that re-conceptualises theory and practice in IT consulting from co-adaptive postures.


Knowledge management and reuse

Lessons learned as a result of iterating in the application of IT consulting methods.

Conformity management

Management of agreements at the level of IT consulting services.

Development of software requirements

Development of the consulting solution at the level of implementation of solutions and tools for Business Process Management as part of a software engineering project.

Direct execution in a software engine

Development of the consulting solution at the level of execution of business processes in Business Process Management (BPM) systems.

Analysis of a business situation

Analysis of an IT help and consulting situation developed within the organisation of IT and that is addressed from each method of IT consulting.