The Track Doc mobile application is used to control, manage queues and to reduce waiting time of Doctor’s appointment in the Hospitals. Now as a result of global pandemic social distancing is the main agenda of our society and presently the waiting area of doctors OP is filled with lot of people waiting for their turn.Track Doc is a revolutionary app and implementing the App in your hospital will reduce the waiting and gathering of crowd outside the OP area.

TrackDoc App Features

TrackDoc App will have two section the Hospital Login and the User Login with the following features

Hospital Login

  • Can manage multiple hospitals in a single App.
  • Admin can add/edit the doctors in their hospital.
  • Department wise doctor’s grouping and filtration.
  • Option to set the working days and time for each doctor.
  • Option to daily number of tokens for each doctor.
  • Option to set average consulting time of each doctor and the app calculates the estimated time of each tokens automatically.
  • App tracks patient booking / queues to avoid overbooking.
  • Update the token after each consultation using a single click.
  • Option to skip a token number when the patient is not available and retrieve the token when patient reaches the hospital.
  • Option to generate the daily booking history of doctors.
  • Option to daily number of tokens for each doctor.
  • Option to set the doctor’s emergency break between the consultation and the estimated time will be intimated to the patients for resuming the consultation.

User Login

  • One time registration for all the hospitals.
  • Can search the available hospitals in your location.
  • Can search the department wise doctor’s in a hospital.
  • Can monitor the live token number of the selected doctor in a particular day and book accordingly.
  • SMS and notification on booking confirmation.
  • Automatic notification on consultation breaks and estimated time for restarting.
  • Can Manage favorite doctor’s list .
  • Can monitor the past and upcoming booking history.